Association Football Club 2018 / 2019

Men’s Captain: Edward Tolmie

Women’s Captain: Marta Van der graaf

2017 / 2018

Men’s Captain: Daniel Haxell

Women’s Captain: Greta Thompson

2016 / 2017


Officer: Captain Adam Rhaiti

Following an impressive season for all three of the Queen’s men’s football teams there was a great deal of expectation for Q.C.A.F.C. when going into the 2016-2017 season. Although the teams had difficult starts to the season, followed by agonising Cuppers defeats, they finished strongly and posted some very respectable league positions.

The 1st XI had to dig deep into the Club’s members in order to produce a squad for the majority of their fixtures this season.  Although the team may not have had the quality of last year’s team, what it lacked in skill was more than compensated for by an endless supply of grit, determination, and team spirit.  Despite a 6-2 drubbing of rivals from last season Exeter, Queen’s ended the first half of the season short of points and drifting towards relegation from the Premier League down to the league they had just been promoted from last season.  A string of incredible performances not only rescued them from this position, but also catapulted the team to the dizzy heights of second place in the Premier League by the end of the season.  The team could not have been more industrious, a quality most visible in the outstanding away victory against defending champions Worcester, which was won despite the fact that Queen’s played the entire ninety minutes with ten players.

The 2nd XI truly had a rollercoaster of a season.  A few wins at the start of the season gave high hopes for league victory.  This was followed by a mid-season drought, struggling to add points to its tally, and placing it comfortably in the relegation zone.  The reason was a mystery.  The team was as good as ever, and there could be no complaints about commitment, but it was losing games by four or six goals.  The reserves top league was never going to be easy, but the team wanted to rise to the challenge, and it realised that, with just a few games left, that this was the last chance to save its skin.  The team did just what was needed, pulling out three victories in a row moving it from next to the bottom to third from the top at the finish of the season.  As usual, the Animals had an enjoyable season. In the same vein the whole Club enjoyed a very successful weekend ‘tour’ to Cambridge in Hilary Term, playing two-close fought matches with Cambridge colleges.

The Club owes much to the dedication and commitment of veteran finalists, Driscoll, Stone, Eastall, Cowling, and Howsham.


Officer: Captain Matilda Thatcher

Building on the successes of the previous year, the women’s football team had a brilliant 2016-2017 season.  The popularity of the game has continued to grow, with an ever-increasing number of players attending matches and training sessions. The taster session in freshers’ week saw a lot of enthusiasm as well as promising football ability, setting the team up for the season ahead.

In the league, Q.C.W.A.F.C. went undefeated for the whole of Michaelmas Term.  Some notable highlights included beating Jesus 12-0, Lucy Williams scoring seven goals in one match, and a draw with the joint St. John’s/St Anne’s team, which has always been tough competition.  The team also played against the Brookes University 2nd XI at the beginning of Hilary Term, the 2-1 defeat being a fantastic result against a university team.

For Cuppers, Q.C.W.A.F.C. started strongly, beating St Edmund Hall 9-0 in the first round to proceed through to the quarter-finals.  The availability of twenty-two players for this match shows the level of enthusiasm and commitment to the Club.  However, in the quarter-finals Queen’s came up against Keble/Hertford who were unfortunately a very good side and went on to win the whole tournament.  Despite this, the team played exceptionally well, stepping up its level to match the strong opposition.

The team also enjoyed a memorable match against a team of old girls who came back to play the current team.  The match was great fun and both teams came together for lunch after the match. It is hoped that this will become an annual event. Overall, Q.C.W.A.F.C. had a very successful season and it looks forward to a new year in the capable hands of Greta Thompson as the new captain, who will certainly ensure that the enthusiasm for and commitment to the Club will continue to grow.  The Club would like to say a huge thank-you to everyone who has supported the players and team along the way.