2017 / 2018

Men’s Captain: Joseph Welford

2016 / 2017

Officer: Men’s Captain: Joseph Welford

2015 / 2016

Officer: Captain Bryn Davies

Cycling at Queen’s has once again reached new heights this year. Unfortunately the team car and soigneurs promised by last year’s captain are yet to materialise. Nevertheless, enthusiasm and commitment have been plentiful and the Club has still enjoyed a successful year in spite of this setback. The Club’s main event of the year was the 10 mile Cuppers time trial for which a strong team of Bryn Davies and Joe Kang were entered. Kang put in a determined ride to take 9th in spite of obstruction by traffic, and Davies capitalised on his early season form to record the quickest time on the day and seal the individual win. This was good enough to leave Queen’s finishing in second place overall behind a fearfully strong team from Lady Margaret Hall. A Queen’s victory is an obvious goal for 2017. The Club’s captain for next year will be Joseph Welford who will, no doubt, continue to keep the Club on its ambitious and exciting trajectory.

2014 / 2015

Officer: Captain Andrew Russell

Cycling has been as popular as ever in Queen’s this year. A record number of members joined the Club in what promised to be a real annus mirabilis. Unfortunately, the interest did not translate into Cuppers success. The Club only managed to enter a single competitor, Bryn Davies, who was placed respectably in the middle of the peloton. For the first time the Club also gained some female members of the College and it is expected that this trend will continue. The Club hopes it will be able to acquire a team car and soigneur for the coming season which, some believe, will help ensure next year’s Cuppers success. Next year the captaincy goes to Bryn Davies who inherits the Club at a time when interest is high, and the stalwarts of the Club, Harrison, Kang, and Russell, will be able to watch the Club increase its influence in College sport.