2018 / 2019

Captain: Olivia Hugh-Jones

2017 / 2018

Captain: Gemma Smale

 2016 / 2017

 Officer: Holly Marsh

This season Q.C.N.C. has enjoyed two very successful terms, with some freshers adding to an already talented and committed team.  After strong play and hard work from all the players, Q.C.N.C. will return next year to the first division as a result of promotions in Michaelmas and Hilary Terms.  A high turnout for the mixed Cuppers tournament took Q.C.N.C. to the quarter finals.  The chance of progressing further was lost on goal difference.

All members of Q.C.N.C. have proven themselves to be invaluable team players with a serious enthusiasm for the game.  In particular, the most committed fresher, Gemma Smale, has shown extensive and improving skill throughout the season, regularly giving excellent defensive performances. She was also the obvious choice to take over the captaincy for the coming season and to develop the strengths and achievements of netball in Queen’s.

Special mention should go to a few remarkable players who will not be returning to Queen’s this year, Ellie Collins, who captained in her second year, Becky Stroud, and Rosie Power.  These girls have consistently played with skill, precision and stamina while always bringing a positive attitude and competitive spirit to the matches.  In addition, Tilly Thatcher’s dynamic play in centre court will be greatly missed when she leaves for her year abroad.

2015 / 2016

Officer: Captain Ellie Collins

QCNC has enjoyed a successful and busy season, with the Club having been rejuvenated by a large influx of keen and talented freshers at the beginning of the year.
Having begun the season in league division four, QCNC will return next year to division two following some impressive performances that resulted in promotions in both Hilary and Trinity Terms. There were notable victories over Lady Margaret Hall (11-2) and St Hugh’s (11-0), during both of which the team’s solidarity and cohesiveness became apparent.

Individually, all members of QCNC have shown extensive and improving skill throughout the season, each an invaluable player contributing to a strong team. Special mention should go to the outstanding defensive team of Holly Marsh, Stassia Putt and Sasha Burnet. These girls provided consistently outstanding performances, which accounted for many of the team’s successes. It is unsurprising therefore that Holly Marsh was elected as captain for the coming season during which it is predicted that further upward progress will be made

2014 / 2015

Officer: Captain Hannah Pritchard

This year Queen’s entered a team in the league, two teams in women’s Cuppers and one team in mixed Cuppers. The standard of play in the league was quite high, but the team played some good quality netball and produced many impressive results. There was a lot of interest from the first-year students which added to the depth of the team. In women’s Cuppers Queen’s was one of only three colleges to enter two teams showing how much netball has increased in popularity over the year. The results were varied but the first team, in particular, played at a very high level and came third in the group. Mixed Cuppers was by far the highlight of the season. Winning all four matches in the group, Queen’s progressed to the knock-out stages and beat Wadham and Balliol convincingly. The team then returned later in the day to play the overall final against Regent’s Park. This was a very close match with the score tied at 3-3 at half time. Unfortunately in the second half, with some impressive shooting, Regent’s took the lead, which it held until the end of the match. Next year, under the captaincy of Ellie Collins, it is intended that the strength and popularity of the Netball Club will develop even further.

2013 / 2014

Officer: Captain Victoria James

The Club, which welcomed a large number of freshers at the beginning of Michaelmas Term, enjoyed a successful year. The league matches in Michaelmas and in Hilary saw many exciting and close games and in both terms Queen’s narrowly missed promotion. The one-day Cuppers competition, which took place in Trinity Term, was enjoyed by those participating but, unfortunately, Queen’s was eliminated in the preliminary rounds. Queen’s also entered two teams into a one-day inter-collegiate mixed netball competition, the only college with this level of participation. The ‘A’ team won three matches and drew one, but missed a semi-final place on goal difference.

The Netball Club is grateful for sponsorship from RAGT Seeds which was used to provide team shirts, giving players the professional appearance to match their enthusiasm and commitment. Although the year has been characterised by near misses, the Club stands in a good position for success in 2014-15.

2012 / 2013

Officers: Captain Claudia Bayne

Queen’s netball has had a mixed season. A strong intake of first years seemed to promise great things, and the first few matches of the season were very encouraging. The inclusion of Katherine Arnot, a much-needed shooter, and Victoria James, next year’s captain, added to and complemented the already dynamic duo of Rebecca Bibb and Anna Comfort in the midfield. Olivia Lalude-Haworth contributed invaluable height and tenacity to the defence whilst old favourites Julia Megone and Rosie Baines once again showed great skill both in the circle and throughout the court. Despite the potential showed by the team, some unfortunate clashes with lectures and practical classes often reduced the team’s strength. This resulted in some disappointing losses and prevented promotion out of the fourth division. In the Cuppers tournament Queen’s narrowly missed progression to the final play-off round due to goal difference. All in all it has been a promising year for Queen’s netball, with great scope for further improvements in the coming years.

2011 / 2012

Officers: Captain Rosanna Baines; Secretary Rosalie Shepherd

This year saw QCNC gain the pleasing reputation across the league for an unprecedented determination and ferocity. Tales of fearless dives across court and illegal ground throws became the stuff of folklore, and to a certain extent the results did the team’s reputation justice. The year began with a high turnout for practices and a fine start in League 4 in which Queen’s had been sitting comfortably for a few terms. Freshers Rebecca Bibb, Anna Comfort, and Alison Coxon amongst others worked the centre court brilliantly with Dan Williams, the team’s first token male, leading to resounding victories against Magdalen and Balliol, and a convincing 12-3 result against Brasenose. Queen’s finished the term securely in the middle of League 4. Last year’s disparity between the numbers of strong centre court players and shooters was rapidly addressed by returning linguist Gitanjali Patel and Sarah Shapcott who worked excellently together to ensure scores frequently in double figures.

Results in Hilary Term were a little more mixed, and the snow did its best to ensure that dreams of Friday morning netball went unrealised. Hilary Term ended with the team’s best and most exciting match against Lincoln during which Queen’s quickly gained the lead with Sophie Hughes and Nicola Kelly providing their trademark energy and motivational shouts in centre court. Losing the lead towards the end of the game the team rallied for a dramatic last push and three goals in quick succession secured the 7-5 victory. Hilary Term ended with Queen’s once again solidly in the middle of League 4.

This year the Netball Club took full advantage of the “one male allowed per team” rule to great effect; friendly intimidation was the unplanned name of the game as the towering presence of Euan Campbell or Rob Farenden on court left opponents of both sexes running scared. Even this was nothing compared to fourth year veteran sportswoman Leila Hill who finally brought her trademark determination to the as yet untried netball courts and as a result became a committed and crucial member of the team. Sadly, Queen’s did not get through to the qualifying stages of the Cuppers competition. However, both this and all of Queen’s matches have been much enjoyed by the team. As a result, the year ends with a good base of players which will surely become stronger with a new intake of freshers and under the captaincy of the team’s dynamic goal defence, Claudia Bayne.

2010 / 2011

Officers: Captain Sophie Brammer

The beginning of Michaelmas Term saw an encouraging surge of enthusiasm for netball from the new intake of freshers and consequently Queen’s was able to enter two teams into the league. Unfortunately, during the term, it proved increasingly difficult to raise teams, a problem which was compounded by the predominance of centre court players rather than shooters. As a result, the Queen’s first team dropped a division at the end of term and the second team was unable to gain promotion from the bottom division. In Hilary Term only the first team entered the league and this proved to have been a good decision, as a stronger core of players gradually developed. Queen’s was also able to field a strong team for the annual Cuppers competition and managed to achieve a solid victory over Oriel, and only narrowly lost to an experienced Mansfield team. Veterans Claire Durrans and Isabelle Chaize worked very well in defence and fresher Roseanna Baines was a dynamic force in centre court. Meanwhile fresher Sarah Shapcott had an excellent day of shooting, further boosting the team’s performance. Queen’s also entered a team into the Mixed Cuppers competition. There is some strong netball talent coming up through the College, which will no doubt begin to flourish next year under the captaincy of Roseanna Baines.

2009 / 2010

Officers: Captain Rebecca Harding


This year’s netball season started as enthusiastically as last year’s ended. With the return of Caroline Lawrence from her year abroad, and the addition of a number of keen freshers, an already strong core became an impressive and determined team. Queen’s came up against some strong opposition in the league, but the players held their ground as well they could, and, although results were mixed, the team’s determination to compete did not diminish. However, results and presence on the court dwindled towards the end of both terms, partly because of unpredictable match scheduling and re-scheduling. Individual matches demonstrated that Queen’s netball can be a force to be reckoned with, and it is to be hoped that it will be possible to build upon this and achieve more success next year.

2008 / 2009

1st Team Captain: Charlotte Owen


The Club enjoyed a busy and successful season. Both the A and B teams produced some impressive league performances, with notable victories against Trinity and Worcester, propelled by the strength, depth, and camaraderie of the Queen’s squad. Ellen Pilsworth was regularly on hand to demonstrate her versatility across the court, and Lucy Johnson consistently performed commandingly in both attack and defence. Katie Mountain, Claire Durrans, and Kristina Ravic all worked tirelessly throughout the season, and Edward Boyes, taking the single spot available for a willing male participant, proved himself to be a formidable force in the centre court.

The highlight of the season came in the Cuppers tournament. Queen’s played with flair and determination in the group stages, knocking out seeded St. Hugh’s to ensure a well-deserved and widely unanticipated passage to the quarter-finals. Lining up against a confident Lady Margaret Hall team, replete with three University players, Queen’s remained calm, and played some flowing netball. Defensive partners Olive Turon and Isabelle Chaize dominated their circle, providing the LMH shooters with little opportunity to find space. Louise Ainley worked tirelessly in centre court, feeding powerful and well-placed balls to the Queen’s shooters. The game finished with a victory to Queen’s by 8-5. In the semi-final match against a bullish Worcester team, Queen’s, strengthened by blues player Katelin Fuller, played some of their best netball of the season and were unlucky to go into the half-time break with a three-goal deficit. Nonetheless, after a quick reshuffle, the team showed its resolve and determination in dominating the second half. The shooting partnership of Lucy Johnson and Gitanjali Patel spearheaded the Queen’s comeback, as their precision and accuracy brought the match to a final score of 8-8. With the match then forced into extra time, Worcester, having received the first centre-pass, held the initiative, and Queen’s were unable to turn over Worcester’s possession, leaving the final score an agonising 13-12. The team was understandably devastated by its defeat, but took heart from the fact that Queen’s was again confirmed as one of the University’s top netball colleges.

The finale to the season came in the Easter vacation as sixteen girls headed to Dublin for the annual Doxbridge sports tournament. The A team consistently played strong and flowing netball, showing their grit and determination in a highly competitive match against St. Aidan’s College, Durham, and, aided by Isabelle Chaize and Becca Harding’s industry in defence and centre court, impressively thrashing Jesus College, Oxford. The B team showed dramatic improvement during the course of the tournament, typified by Martha May’s defensive prowess, Carina Namih’s pace in attack, Sapphire Yi-Dyer’s shooting accuracy, and Jennifer Gleeson’s untiring efforts in centre court. Despite failing to reach the finals the tour was much enjoyed by all, and the squad will return next year hoping to avenge its defeats.

The Club would like to express its thanks to Lucy Johnson and Katelin Fuller for their invaluable contributions to its success during their time at Queen’s. They leave an ever-growing squad, the improvement of which bodes well for future success.

2007 / 2008

1st Team Captain: Caroline Lawrence

2nd Team Captain: Rachel Berry

After losing many key players last year, the Queen’s netball team had to be built anew and a lack of numbers often created problems throughout the season. Labs, lacrosse and laziness all took their toll, but nevertheless a team turned out every week. A positive result was that Queen’s girls, who otherwise would not consider donning their trainers, were conscripted and often turned out to really enjoy themselves!

As reigning Cuppers champions, and runners up in the premier league last year, this year’s team had a lot to live up to. It did end up going down a division by the end of the year, but the team did itself proud in some nail-biting matches against stronger opposition, a 6-5 win against St Peter’s being one example. Charlotte Owen takes over as captain next year, and will hopefully be able to build on what the team has achieved this season.

2006 / 2007

1st Team Captain: Rachael Biles

2nd Team Captain: Emma Whitehouse


Officers: Captain Lucy Johnson; 2nd Team Captain Emma Whitehouse

Building on the league and tournament successes of last year, Queen’s netball has gone from strength to strength. The arrival of first-year Caroline Lawrence, the renewed enthusiasm of many second years, notably Rachel Berry, Corie Llera, Isabella Gill and Jessica Tam, and the welcome return of fourth-year linguist Claire Coppel, ensured that the first team continued to dominate the first division, and the second team gained promotion to the third division, unbeaten by the end of Michaelmas Term.

Hilary Term saw continued success as the Club coped with the demands of fielding two teams at the same time every Friday. Emma Whitehouse led the second team, showing skill and commitment in the shooting positions, frequently being recognised as ‘Man of the Match’, and encouraging new talent in the forms of Cerridwen Mellish, Kate Cokayne-Naylor and Elizabeth Salmon. At the end of Hilary Term, the Queen’s second team pulled off a magnificent coup against Somerville, the unbeaten third division leaders at that point, coming from 7-0 down at half time to win 11-9, demonstrating the squad’s tremendous versatility and passion.

In the Cuppers tournament Queen’s seemed to slip through to the final day unnoticed as all eyes were on a powerful St John’s squad and a Pembroke team full of fresher talent. In the preliminary stages Queen’s saw off an ambitious St Hugh’s, surprisingly weak Brasenose and Balliol sides, and a Hertford team with great potential and seasoned blues talent, thanks partly to Emma Kenny and Rachel Webster making their debuts at this crucial time. Having beaten several other teams on Finals day, in the semi-final Queen’s secured an assertive victory over favourites St Hilda’s by 10-5. Facing a strong Wadham team in the final, Queen’s found inspiration from the established core of the squad, including blues players Rachael Biles, Katelin Fuller, Kathryn French and Lucy Johnson, and relied on the composure of Claire Coppel and Caroline Lawrence to remain the solid defence unit that they had been all year. Centre court play was perfected by valuable contributions from Justine Nolan, Emma Whitehouse and Rachel Berry, opening opportunities and lending support to a tireless Katelin Fuller. Although the final score of 10-9 to Queen’s seems close, with a crucial goal scored by Kathryn French gaining victory, Wadham had no real answer to Queen’s on court, benefiting only from top quality shooting. The season closed with a jubilant Cuppers Supper for the second year running.

Those leaving this year have been privileged to be members of such a talented and enthusiastic squad with a highly-deserved reputation across the university and an impressive tradition of quality players. Those remaining thank Justine Nolan, Chi Igboaka, Claire Coppel, Kathryn French and Rachel Biles for their invaluable contributions to the many successes of the Queen’s Netball Club during their years here.

2005 / 2006

1st Team Captain: Rachael Biles

2nd Team Captain: Rebecca Goldie

This has been a very satisfying year for the Netball Club. It was an encouraging start to the season to see a large number of promising freshers, Lucy Johnson and Katelin Fuller in particular, who brought a new strength and depth to the squad, especially in the centre court. However, with the new found enthusiasm and competitiveness the Michaelmas league turned out to be something of a disappointment, partly due to the non-availability for the whole term of Katelin Fuller owing to laboratory work. Having lost a closely fought match with St John’s 10-9, the chance of being division one champions seemed to slip away. Hilary Term, however, brought new opportunities and, with changed timetables, the Queen’s College Netball Club saw one of its most successful terms for a number of years.

The first day of the Cuppers tournament in 6th week of Hilary Term saw Queen’s beating Pembroke, University College and St Peter’s in their bid to reach the finals. After a slight positional adjustment, Queen’s sought new strength and arrived at St Hilda’s on the morning of the finals anticipating a fruitful day. This day saw a spectacular all-round team performance; Bianca Chan, Katelin Fuller and Justine Nolan gelled well to make one of the strongest centre courts in the competition, and, with Chi Igboaka supporting them by providing an impenetrable defence, Queen’s quickly rose in people’s expectations to become favourites to win. Commendations should also go to Kathryn French and Lucy Johnson without whose agility, court awareness and consistency in shooting, Queen’s would not have progressed beyond the first round. By beating St Anne’s and Oriel in the quarter and semi finals respectively, Queen’s faced the very strong and well-rehearsed St John’s side in the final. There was no doubt that nerves had started to affect the team, but Chan’s courageous performance against a very aggressive opposition spurred the rest of the team on and Queen’s found itself ahead at half time. After an expressive team talk, Queen’s played to the best of its ability and pulled away from St John’s in the second half to win by 19-12. The team’s victory in Cuppers was celebrated by the College with a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable cup supper, the team much appreciating the opportunity to share its achievement with the rest of the College.

Having won Cuppers, the team set its sights on winning the Hilary Term league. Unfortunately the team lost narrowly to a St John’s side intent on avenging its Cuppers defeat and, as a consequence, finished in second place to St. John’s by a single point. Had the St Hilda’s fixture not been abandoned as a draw because of weather conditions, the outcome might well have been different.

Sadly, the team will now lose Bianca Chan and Rebecca Goldie who have been key members of the Netball Club this season. However, with next year’s President and Vice-Captain of the University Netball Club and the majority of this season’s Cupper’s champions in its ranks, the Club has a great opportunity to do extremely well in inter-collegiate netball next year.

The second team, captained ably by Rebecca Goldie, had great success in the league’s fourth division. Having won all of its matches except one, it was a disappointment for the team to be placed sixth as a result of cancellations and postponements that had not been replayed.

2004 / 2005

1st Team Captain: Sarah Lane

2003 / 2004

1st Team Captain: Sarah Lawrence

2nd Team Captain: Claire Bernard

Sarah says…

The netball club began the 2003-04 season with high hopes, particularly considering the success of the previous season when the first team was crowned Cuppers champions for the first time. The year started for the first team with a convincing win over rivals St. Anne’s. However, by comparison to the previous year, results were disappointing mainly due to some untimely injuries. Although enhanced by two freshers, Sally Barker and Claire Coppel, the team still missed some key players, particularly shooters, from the previous season. In particular, Jill Barraclough was sorely missed because of university commitments. However, Chi Igboaka made an impressive debut in the first team as goal attack and looks to be a promising addition to next year’s team. The team went out in the quarter-finals of Cuppers by a single goal to the eventual winners Keble. In the League the first team was able to secure a firm place in the first division. The second team held on to their place in the third division and enjoyed a well earned victory in the group stages of Cuppers, proving that good team spirit can go a long way. This year also saw the first ever netball club dinner, which was a great success and will hopefully become an annual event. The netball club would like to thank everyone who participated this year to make netball one of the most popular college sports and also those who came to support the teams in Cuppers. Colours were awarded to Jill Barraclough.

2002 / 2003

1st Team Captain Natalie Dunford

2nd Team Captain Sarah Lawrence

This season has brought unprecedented success to Queen’s College Netball Club, with the first ever Cuppers victory, continued success for the first team in the first division, and promotion for the second team into the third division. At the start to the season it was hoped to build on last year’s success in the league and to rectify the injustices dealt to us in last year’s Cuppers tournament. Unfortunately, with two notable exceptions, there was little interest in netball amongst the freshers. As a consequence, getting full teams for all our matches was a struggle, and praise has to go to all of the girls who regularly turned out for the team. In Michaelmas Term the first team managed to hold its own in the first division, although the second team struggled in the fourth division. This term also saw Jill Barraclough and Natalie Dunford enter the University netball squad after successful trials. Hilary Term saw the transformation of both teams as a result of an inspirational decision by the two captains to hold an evening of team bonding that seemed to work wonders for morale. An impressive run of victories followed, the second team gaining promotion at the end of the season and the first team finishing high in the league. The team were still in good form for the annual Cuppers tournament at the end of term. Somerville, Magdalen, St Hugh’s, Worcester, Exeter and finally St Anne’s were all well-defeated to take Queen’s to a truly deserved victory in the final. As Cuppers champions, next year can only hold more success for the Club.

2001 / 2002

Captain Amanthi de Silva

The year has been one of mixed fortunes for the two netball teams. After the disappointment of both the A and B teams being relegated at the end of last year, the introduction of new blood into the squad was of great importance, and it was fortunate that some highly talented players were among the newcomers. Both teams started the year in the second division. Armed with stylish reversible bibs and a new ball, the A team sailed through the league beating off competition with effortless ease. The Michaelmas Term league saw the A team undefeated with eight wins and only one draw, but the B team suffered. Because both A and B teams were in the same division, it was often difficult to raise a full B team and, consequently, it was relegated to division three for Hilary Term. The Hilary Term league came as a surprise to the A team, which, having enjoyed the comfort of the lower division, found life in the top division taxing. After suffering some initial defeats, the team showed great resilience, working hard together to ensure that its first division status was maintained, finishing a respectable sixth. Unfortunately, the same fate as that of the previous term was suffered by the B team. The cuppers tournament was disappointing. Although quietly confident about Queen’s chances, a tense and dramatic final first round game against St. Edmund Hall, which Queen’s lost by a single goal, halted our progress. Other matches this year were played against the GradSoc, University of Durham (Queen’s 36-9 GradSoc) and Queens’ College, Cambridge (Queen’s 31-33 Queens’).