2013 — 2015

2012 / 2013

Officers: Captain Adam Wallymahmed

2011 / 2012

Officers: Captain Adam Wallymahmed

Hoping to build on last season’s success when Queen’s won the prize for best novice team, four of Queen’s top sailors travelled to Farmoor to compete in the 2012 sailing Cuppers. The team that competed was Adam Wallymahmed (captain), Chris Deplancke, Leila Hill and Becky Cross (who kindly agreed to be drafted in at the last minute to replace John Wilde). An unfortunate consequence of last year’s success was that Queen’s were seeded into a more difficult group and had to race against some very skilled and competitive teams. However, the team was able to win two of the six group races against Merton and Pembroke, although this was not enough to qualify for the knockout stages. Nonetheless, a great day was had by all and it is hoped to build on the confidence acquired by the races won and the skills learned in order to improve in 2013.

2010 / 2011

Officers: Captain Adam Wallymahmed

This year has seen a massive step forward for The Queen’s College Sailing team. After two years of inactivity, a team was entered in Cuppers. The team that travelled to Farmoor reservoir to compete consisted of Adam Wallymahmed (captain), Hansol Lee, Will Higham and Melissa Freeman. It is worth noting that Hansol and Melissa had never sailed before and needed a crash course in boat-handling skills. Nonetheless, they caught on quickly and Queen’s enjoyed great success given the greater experience of other crews. In the group stages, Queen’s were drawn against Worcester 1, Worcester 2, St Hilda’s, Keble and Jesus, and Queen’s novice team comfortably defeated them all with the exception of Worcester 1. This initial success allowed Queen’s’ incredulous yet excited sailors to advance to the quarter final stages to face Hertford. A combination of bad luck and what some perceived to be a poor call by the start line judge left the Queen’s boat in a weak position at the beginning of the race from which it was unable to recover. Nevertheless, the Queen’s team had progressed further than had been thought possible in reaching the quarter finals, being knocked out by the team that was to come second, and in winning the prize for the best novice team. This year’s Cuppers competition was a great success and has given the team a lot of skill and confidence to build on so that it can work towards greater success next year.

2009 / 2010

Captain: Rebecca Cross

2008 / 2009

For the first time for some years Queen’s entered a team in Cuppers. Representing the College were Tom Dalton, Rebecca Cross, Leila Hill, and Alison Benson. Although never having sailed together before and relatively inexperienced compared to most teams, the group did well and proved to be surprisingly successful. In the initial group stages Queen’s were drawn against Lincoln whom they beat before going on to sail against University College and New College. Both of these teams were composed of blues, and, although Queen’s put up a good fight, sadly were defeated. However, with two teams remaining to sail against, the College still stood a good chance of reaching the quarter-finals. Queen’s won the race against Exeter college but were beaten by Oriel, and, unfortunately, did not reach the knockout stages. It is to be hoped that, with this experience behind them, the College will prove to be formidable opponents next year.

2007 / 2008

Captain: Georgina Haigh-Monk

2006 / 2007

Captain: Georgina Haigh-Monk

2005 / 2006

Captain: Monica Jackson

2004 / 2005

Captain: Sophie Richards

Sailing cuppers 2005 took place on a sunny but breezy Saturday in the first week of Trinity term. Queen’s for the third year running managed to recruit two teams, each with four members to compete in the two boat team racing event. Although relatively inexperienced with only one squad member, Queen’s picked up the team racing tactics quickly, each team winning two and losing two of their first round races. This meant that unfortunately both teams had to drop out before the semi-finals, and watch from the shore as Lincoln beat Wadham to take home the Cupper’s Trophy.