2011 – 2012

Officer: Captain Joe Moxham

The 2011-2012 season has been one of ups and downs for the Club. The team has put together some good performances at times, although the problem of injuries and lack of substitutes reared its head in the second half of the year. Michaelmas Term saw performances by the team that were a true reflection of the Club’s strength, producing four victories out of the five games played. That, sadly, Queen’s did not gain promotion on points difference can be accounted for only by several injuries and the continuing problem of afternoon academic commitments.

Matters became even worse in Hilary Term when frozen pitches that seemed to occur simultaneously on some college grounds and not others contributed to the team’s relegation. Hilary also brought about one of the more unusual exits from Cuppers. Because of the delay in the start of the competition the powers that be decided to omit the first round of the competition and select what was thought to be the stronger of the two teams to go through to the next round. Queen’s was considered to be weaker than its opponents and the College was therefore out of Cuppers without playing a game. This injustice still rankles with many in the Club and should provide an incentive for next year’s competition.

The Club ended the year on a high note with victory in the annual Doxbridge tournament, played between colleges of Oxford, Cambridge, Durham and now York. Although the team had to contend with some last-minute absentees, two as a result of ‘Garrettitis’ and a further one due to disciplinary issues which required him to stay in Scotland, the team pulled together and played some of the best rugby seen all year. The final was reached without much difficulty and the team produced its finest performance beating York inter-college champions by 49-5. This tour not only produced enjoyable rugby but demonstrated the great camaraderie that is present within the Club.

Doxbridge showed what this team is capable of, but next year it should aim for more consistent performances and hopefully steer clear of the injuries that plagued it in 2011-12.