2015 – 2016

Officers: Captain Sam Hancock; Secretary Jesse Matthews

Overall QCRFC have had a successful year. Unfortunately, the season began with fewer players available than expected. However, helped by a strong socially-oriented recruitment drive, the squad grew in size and confidence. A special mention must be given to the freshers who turned out regularly, enabling a full team to be available. Starting Michaelmas Term in the 3rd division, one win and three defeats saw the Club avoid relegation in the first half-season. Performance improved considerably in the Hilary Term second half-season, with three wins and two defeats enabling the team to finish in the middle of the table. Sadly, because of a restructuring of the divisions, the team will be in the 4th division next year. It was a very enjoyable season with some good rugby and occasional moments of brilliance.

In its first fixture in the Michaelmas season, the Club faced some very tough opposition in the shape of Lincoln who overran Queen’s. This was followed by a hard-fought victory against Oriel. A highlight of the game was Callum Bruce’s spectacular winning try in his first game for the team. Bruce found himself receiving a pass from Jesse Matthews when five metres in front of him in a position no rugby player would have occupied. His dive over the line was credited as a try because an opponent had deflected Matthews’ pass. The second match against Cuppers finalists Hertford was a game of attrition in the rain in which the Queen’s side fought hard and finished the game with only twelve fit men, but were unlucky to lose by 31-26. Another narrow defeat by promotion winners Christ Church by 34-28 followed.

In the second half-season in Hilary Term the team suffered defeats at the hands of both Exeter and Hertford but won against combined teams from Trinity and Wadham, and Lady Margaret Hall and St Hugh’s, a game in which Henry Bettley, probably the most committed player in the team, scored his first try for the Club.

Other highlights of the season were the annual Rugby dinner in Hall in Hilary Term, a very well-attended dinner at Vincent’s Club in Michaelmas Term, and weekly rugby social events.