2006 – 2007

Men’s Captain: Oliver Elias

Women’s Captain: Alex Barry


Officers: Captain Oliver Elias

This year was one of highs and lows for the Club. Whilst the women’s team won Cuppers without even breaking a sweat, thanks in no small part to some sterling performances from the two in-house blues players, Sarah Blakey and Alex Barry, the men’s team, with a side weakened by looming examinations and other pressures, was knocked out 4-1 in the first round. Such a performance, though disappointing, was by no means a reflection of the team’s true colours, and Michaelmas Term saw a very strong first V finish a close second in the third division, smashing Osler Green 5-0 in the opening game.

Thanks to a £8,000 court refurbishment in Hilary Term and the setting up of an inter-collegiate squash ladder, it is pleasing to report a marked increase in use of the courts throughout the year and the near-continuous wearing of Queen’s squash kit by some of the more committed players!

Special mention should go (once again) to Sarah Blakey, who captained the Oxford Blues team this year, and to fresher Tom Hussey, who has had a markedly positive effect on the success of the men’s first V.

Brandon Dammerman says….

Squash is always a popular sport in college, not least because we have two newly conditioned squash courts behind the Cardo building. Anyone can play: simply get a key at the bursary (you will need to leave a deposit) and you’ll find a diary in which to book sessions in the post room by the lodge. Please remember, though, not to wear black-soled shoes on the courts. Ladies – please do get involved – we’re at present experiencing a rather grave under-representation on the women’s side. Don’t worry if you’re new to the game, all ability levels can be accommodated.