2012 – 2013

Officers: Captain Neale Roy

The Squash Club had a good year with a commendable performance in both the league and Cuppers. This can be attributed to the fact that a strong core of experienced players was bolstered by some exciting new additions from the freshers. In the third division of the university league, Queen’s was represented at various points by Neale Roy, Ryan Doran, Benedict Kay, Andrew Robertson, Sian Allen, Michael Pandya, Thomas Nichols, Karl Heilbron and Alba Llibre, many of whom represented the College in squash for the first time this year. Queen’s unfortunately fell just short of promotion, but there is plenty of potential in the squad for the future.

The Queen’s Cuppers team was particularly strong this year, and consisted of David Phillips (University 1st’s captain), Timothy Luetchford (University 2nd’s captain), Mabel Li (University women’s captain), Neale Roy, Ryan Doran and Andrew Robertson. With this team Queen’s was able to advance to the final barely dropping a game. Unfortunately, in the final against St John’s the Queen’s team was undone by the late addition of a blues player to the opposition team from Somerville College and succumbed in the end to a 4-1 defeat. While disappointing, this should in no way detract from what has been overall a very successful season for the Club, providing a solid foundation from which hopefully the team will be able to develop next year.