2005 – 2006

Men’s Tennis

Captain Dylan Grainger

Queen’s tennis has had a very successful season. The team has been promoted from the third to the second division after comfortably beating every team in the league, with the exception of Christ Church which held the team to a 6-6 draw. As well as dominating the league, Queen’s reached the semi-final of Cuppers mainly due to great performances from the Queen’s Blues players Mark Carpenter and Jan Dörr. Due to the poor weather in weeks 6 and 7 Cuppers will be concluded next academic year when Queen’s and Magdalen are joint favourites to win. The only disappointment with men’s tennis this year has been the lack of interest from the first year students, but due to reliable, committed second and third years, most notably Ahmet Feridun and Nick Stott, this did not affect the overall performance.

Women’s Tennis

Captain Fleur Macdonald

Although the results this year have been disappointing, the season has been much enjoyed by the team, with better performances as the term progressed and its fitness improved. Queen’s was defeated in the first round of Cuppers by Lincoln, and in the league three narrow defeats and a draw in the first four matches were a poor reflection of the efforts put in by Eloise Newnham, Lynsie Weatherburn, Mary Erskine and Sarah Rowley.